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What it is: Time Out Boston is the Boston edition of the internationally acclaimed arts and entertainment magazine. Boston was the first of the 60+ Time Out cities to go all-digital—all other locales produced weekly print magazines. A test kitchen of sorts, the Boston team was charged with developing the digital model to be used in cities across the country as Time Out North America continued expanding. In May of 2011, a majority stake in TONA was purchased by a private equity firm in London, and the Time Out Boston office was closed.

What I did: I was recruited by Time Out North America to hire and lead the editorial team in Boston. It was an adventure marked by many late, late nights—but also by some of the most creative A+E coverage I've seen and at least a couple really fantastic parties, thanks to the amazing group of people involved and the unending support from TONA and the local community. Daily maintenance of the website included creating and uploading dozens of event listings, updating each section page to reflect that day's events, creating/editing features, and brainstorming concepts for upcoming feature packages—and making it all work within the context of our budget, time limitations, and mental bandwidth.



2010 Boston Music Awards

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