11 Strategies to Increase Engagement (2011)

(Written with Ryan Cherecwich for social media marketing software provider Awareness Inc. Whitepaper available for download here.)

Engagement is the key to social media. It is one of the primary ways in which social marketing differs from traditional marketing, and it contributes to emotional connections with your brand, creates free advertising, and positions your brand for thought leadership. No matter your marketing goals, engagement with your messages is something every brand should strive for.

11 Strategies to Increase Engagement helps marketers facilitate communication from their audience, highlighting best practice examples that businesses of all sizes can emulate. Follow these strategies and reap the benefits of increased engagement, including:

  • Getting people talking about your brand
  • Learning more about your customers
  • Learning more about your competitors
  • Develop and solicit feedback on new marketing strategies to communicate with potential customers

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Jessie Rogers