Tour Companion app revamp for Go Ahead Tours

Welcome screen (click to enlarge)

Main menu (click to enlarge)

A couple years after its initial launch, it was time to give the Go Ahead Tour Companion app a new look to reflect more recent brand design, add features that travelers needed and do an overall copy refresh. 

I worked with the Go Ahead mobile team and UX designer Kris Aubuchon to strategize the most effective use of existing tour content, which included the new bulleted itinerary format.

Main itinerary view (click to enlarge)

Day view (click to enlarge)

Packing list (click to enlarge)

Pre-tour check list (click to enlarge)

Using data like tour length, region and time of year, packing lists were automatically generated for travelers. Based on feedback that the older version was bizarrely specific ("pantyhose" was a list item, for example), I reworked potential list items to be more helpful, as well as gender neutral.

A pre-tour checklist was developed based on actions travelers needed to complete in order to be ready to travel.

For this version of the app, we were able to add a new features with currency  and electricity information based on the tour itinerary—two things almost all travelers grapple with before and during a trip.

Currency exchange (click to enlarge)

Electricity (click to enlarge)

On-tour support (click to enlarge)

My Group feature (click to enlarge)

As Go Ahead had recently created a dedicated Emergency Support Team, we wanted to give users a direct line. Since the number is for emergencies only, we  routed other communications to the appropriate channels.

Additionally, a new My Group feature allows users to see people on their tour who have opted in to have their name, face and home state/province shown.