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Creative Director: Bryant Ross // Designer: Jenna Carando

Go Ahead's new portfolio of Food & Wine Tours were created with extra care. They are not just about having a few great meals, but also truly understanding the culinary culture of each of these iconic European destinations.

To separate this portfolio from the rest of the Go Ahead catalog, we wanted to do a dedicated photo shoot—a first for the company. Our concept? Educate the reader about the different culinary customs of each region, while also making them feel as though they have a place at the table.

After much research and planning (and some eating), we contracted the help of local photographer Heather McGrath and food stylist Catrine Kelty to make our photo dreams come true—keeping in mind the copy space necessary to add our insight into each of the regional ingredients.

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We also created a video as a part of the larger digital campaign for the launch. I consulted on concept, copy and brand tone.